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Vendors Hotline (866) 727-4534

Office cleaning jobs

Vendor Enrolment

Smart Janitorial works with professional licensed and insured vendors. All vendors must meet specific criteria to be approved.

The Standards cover a wide range of business practices and procedures. They do not cover every legal and ethical issue that may arise, but do establish basic principles to guide all Subcontractors and Suppliers in their dealings with or on behalf of Smart Janitorial LLC. All our Subcontractors and Suppliers must conduct themselves ethically and work to avoid even the appearance of improper behavior.

Company Core Values:

Be happy, be real, work hard and make money!!

Our Purpose: 

To provide hard working families with jobs. To provide quality cleaning and great customer service to our customers.


Warrior Spirit

  • Strive to be the best

  • Display a sense of urgency

  • Never give up

Servant’s Heart

  • Follow The Golden Rule

  • Treat others with respect​

Fun-LUVing Attitude

  • Be a passionate Team Player

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously

  • Celebrate successes

Wow Our Customers

  • Deliver world-class cleaning

  • Create memorable connections

  • Be famous for friendly service

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