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  • What services do you offer?
    We provides a wide variety of janitorial services. We customize our scope of work to each of our clients and their unique locations. Our services include commercial janitorial services, day porter services, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, complete floor care, pest control, post construction cleaning, deep cleaning, event cleaning and more.
  • Do you offer Green Cleaning Services?
    We always strives to be environmentally and health conscious. We take every opportunity to reduce exposure to cleaning chemicals and we only use safe and approved products. Our equipment is energy efficient, and our staff is thoroughly trained on waist disposal and recycling. We believe our impact on the planet today is vital to the sustainability of our children’s tomorrow. We are dedicated to reducing our impact, and helping you reduce yours. Call today for a free quote and consultation.
  • Will I have the same people cleaning my building?
    We do our best to have the same professional cleaners in your business every time we clean. However, sometimes due to vacations, illness, or cleaners being rescheduled we will have to send a different cleaner or team instead. Our primary goal is to provide a consistent clean no matter who cleans your business.
  • Do you offer day porter services?
    Yes, we specialize in day porter services for your facility. Call or scheduele a a free quote today.
  • What do your day porter services include?
    Our day porter services are full customized to your businees needs. Most of our customized day porter programs will include lobby maintenance, restroom restocking and cleaning, removing trash, cleaning communal areas (i.e., kitchens, cafeterias, patios, break rooms), meeting setup/tear down. Call us today or schedule a free quote.
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