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Should You Hire A Professional Building Maintenance Company?

Building Maintenance

In this article will help you decide if you need to hire a professional building maintenance company.

There’s no argument that a safe, clean work environment should be a top priority for any business that hopes to hire and retain great employees and ultimately to thrive in the marketplace. The condition of your office, shop, warehouse or other business space reflects your approach to your business and your customers and it will inevitably have a direct effect on your ability to attract new customers and to retain existing ones.

Getting to Clean

While the benefits of a clean workspace and the incentives for keeping it clean are indisputable, there are, however, a couple of approaches to achieving these goals. Some businesses rely on employees to go beyond their normal job responsibilities and do cleanup work in their “spare time”. To be sure, picking up after oneself in break rooms, rest rooms and work spaces is a more than reasonable expectation and could be a sensible condition of employment, but ultimately employees are of most value to your business when they’re doing the job that takes advantage of their specific talents and skills.

The other alternative is to hire a professional building maintenance company. At first blush, this might seem like just another avoidable expense, but a closer examination of the productivity and economic advantages of contracting for building maintenance services might lead you to re-evaluate this misleading cost/benefit analysis.

Benefits To Hiring A Professional Building Maintenance Company:

  • Healthy And Happy Employees Any work space that isn’t properly cleaned and maintained can become a breeding ground for dust, bacteria and sick days. About as dangerous as allowing contagious employees to come in to work, an unclean office will promote the spread of illness, resulting in lower productivity and a higher absentee rate. A professional building maintenance service will minimize these conditions through the use of state-of-the-art cleaning products and methods that will help to make certain that your team is less vulnerable to airborne hazards.

  • Maximized Resources Unless you own a building maintenance services company, you more than likely didn’t hire your employees to keep the office clean. The work they do that impacts your bottom line should be their number one priority. If you overlay these mission-critical responsibilities with extraneous, non-focused tasks, you are directly distracting them from applying the talents for which you hired them. Hiring a Building Maintenance company that is dedicated to providing professional facilities services frees your team up to do what they do best.

  • Responsiveness Like any other service industry, building maintenance services operate in a competitive environment and are obliged to work hard to win and keep your business. As your needs change, an established facilities maintenance company can draw upon its varied resources quickly and efficiently. Whether your needs include occasional ad-hoc cleaning or a regular, predictable schedule, a professional building maintenance contractor has the resources, equipment and expertise to meet your requirements.

  • Savings Cost-control is an ongoing, critical issue for any business. The cost for in-house employees goes well beyond the dollar amount that appears on their paycheck. Benefit costs like pensions, medical coverage and vacations are borne by the employer and absolutely never get less expensive. Add to that the costs of hiring, training and providing a suitable workspace and you’ve got some serious money tied up in your staff. A contracted building maintenance service provider bears all of these costs within an agreed-upon rate, giving you the flexibility to add or remove services and cleaning staff without any repercussions to your workforce or balance sheet.

  • Professional Cleaning Professional facilities services companies like ours focus exclusively on cleaning. We concentrate on providing a clean, safe work environment without being distracted by other office duties. We also use specialized techniques, equipment and products that make possible a much cleaner office than any do-it-yourself approach can accomplish.

If you're located in the Orange County, Los Angeles County or San Diego County areas please give us a call or click here to schedule a free quote.

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