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A Comprehensive Guide to Vetting Professional Cleaning Companies for Porter Services

When it comes to selecting a professional cleaning company for porter services, thorough vetting is essential. Here's how to ensure you choose the right partner for your commercial cleaning needs:


1. Company Size Matters: Consider the size of the cleaning company. Small mom-and-pop operations may lack the resources to handle larger porter accounts effectively. Mid-sized companies with 100-300 staff strike a balance, offering sufficient manpower without sacrificing quality. Avoid overly large companies, as they often struggle to provide personalized service and quick responses due to their bureaucratic structure and excessive overhead costs.


2. Reviews and Reputation: Check online reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp to gauge the company's reputation. Additionally, request references from the cleaning company and reach out to previous or current clients to inquire about their experience. Positive reviews and satisfied customers are indicators of a reliable service provider.


3. Differentiation in Service: Not all janitorial companies are the same. Look for a company that offers personalized customer service, with a dedicated representative assigned to your property. This ensures efficient communication and swift resolution of any cleaning issues or complaints. The ability to quickly cover shifts is also crucial for uninterrupted service.


4. Quality Control Measures: Inquire about the company's quality control processes to ensure consistent service standards. Minimum account visits/audits should be done every 4-6 weeks.

5. Full Service Required: Your Janitorial service company should be a full-service company. Meaning they have project work staff that is in house and able to offer professional carpet cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, floor strip and wax. By hiring a full service company you can keep all your project work with 1 company which means you do not have to onboard new companies, or train every new company on the specifics of your property.


6. Employee Screening and Training: Inquire about the company's hiring process and employee training protocols to ensure trustworthy and competent cleaning staff. In the event you get an untrained porter or the cleaning standards are not up to par. Quickly request a new trained cleaner. If this is a repeating issue it is not a cleaning problem, it is a company training and management issue.


By carefully considering these factors and conducting thorough vetting, you can confidently select a professional cleaning company for porter services that meets your business's needs and standards of excellence.


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